Personal Training at Acceleration DTS is all about YOU and YOUR PERSONAL GOALS. After determining your level of fitness our professionals will assist you in choosing the best program that will give you the best result.  Online training gives you all the benefits of personal training, plus the luxury of being able to train when and where you want. All programs are designed and sent via email.

SEMI - PRIVATE TRAINING (Small Group Training) ​
Semi Private or Small Group Training is Acceleration's flagship program. Being that we have access to a private, open clear area, we can train in small groups, which has been shown to produce substantially better results than training by yourself. The atmosphere is electric and working out becomes secondary to have a fun time.

Bootcamp Fitness Program (CardioF.I.T.)

CardioFIT is based on an interval style routine. The research shows expontially that this is the best, quickest, and easiest way to lose body fat, while gaining muscle. Each workout begins with an extensive dynamic mobility complex that warms up the connective tissue, muscles, and increases heart rate slowly. After the mobility complex the functional interval workout begins. The workout in total lasts 60 mins, but the work to rest ratio is 1:1 so its a 30 minute workout that will burn alot of calories and leave you feeling awesome after you are done!! It is one of the best all encompassing workouts I have developed.
CardioFIT Class Schedule
Monday- 5 pm & 7:15 pm Wednesday- 5 pm Saturday- 9 am

Acceleration's Accelerated Athlete program has produced phenomenal results. Reductions in 40 yard dash times by as much as 1.5 seconds, increases in vertical jump by 10 inches, and acceleration (10 yard sprints) increases by .5sec. The program is designed to combine all the facets being a good athlete entails. Training for that specific task at hand. Speed, power, strength, and core stability all must be focused on individually in order for the system as a whole to work efficiently. This equates to faster and more explosive athletes. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​*Athletic Development sessions are customized to the skill level of the athletes and the specific goals of the athlete (weight training, stretching, foam rolling, sports specific movements, mobility)


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